Amma Thanasanti cannot be easily categorized. She supports you to grow up through developmental stages, clean up trauma and attachment wounding, wake up to your essential nature, and show up fully to have authentic connection with others. She has been meditating since 1979. She was a Buddhist Nun for 26 years including 20 years in the Ajahn Chah Forest Tradition. She has been teaching intensive meditation retreats internationally since 1996. 

Decades of living in monastic communities showed her several ways that ending suffering required more than what was available from Insight meditation practices and ethical guidelines alone; particularly true when individuals were dealing with developmental trauma. 

That is what brought Amma to this attachment work, and now we are honored to be able to share in her deep wisdom and knowledge combined with a newly found spark for attachment healing.  

Amma’s North Star is the truth where love, pervasive awareness, and the power of the land teach and support her every day. With David Elliotts encouragement, she is currently designing a meditation-based attachment repair program she hopes to roll out in September 2023. As she comes from such a rich and deep meditative tradition, she prefers working with people who have an established meditation practice.

Regarding fee- Amma offers a sliding scale from $100-200/ session, depending on your means.  If you’d like to schedule an initial consult, please simply fill out the form with your email and a brief message about how we can be of service to you at this time.