Jill Applegate, LMFT

Jill is a Marriage and Family Therapist who helps clients who are committed to breaking the cycle when they find themselves repeating old patterns with their kids, their partners, or at work.  Jill’s goal for her clients is to understand the foundations of their constellation of attachment.
Imagine truly feeling safe in your relationships.  Imagine really feeling that you are worthy, loveable and wanted.
Using the Three Pillars therapy protocol, Jill works together with her clients to create an internal map of connection that guides and supports them in being the parents, partners, and people they want to be.  Jill’s experience with the Three Pillars and attachment has instilled a profound belief that the push and pull of connection between people underlies all of our interactions. She believes that people are fundamentally doing their best and that people make sense when you understand what they’ve been through and how they see the world.
Jill is a cat lover who plays favorites with her 4 kitties, and mountain biking is her favorite form of nature therapy. She has worked to help children, parents, adults, and families through talk therapy and play therapy techniques for 4 years and have been learning about and practicing
the Three Pillars model since 2022.
She is accepting new clients in person or online in California and her fee is $150-$175 per 50-minute session.

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