Dr. Zack Bein would like to offer you resources for your mental health and well-being during this Coronavirus pandemic. Please contact us if there’s a specific need we can possibly meet or if you need any additional information.

Finding Peace Wherever You Are

Some practical techniques and suggestions for how to tend to your mental and emotional well-being during the time of the pandemic.

On the Coronavirus: A Mindful Approach

So how to practice in these times? How to deal with the fear and uncertainty? It starts on the cushion. It starts in the seat you currently take. We have to train our heart to stay open, and our minds to stay clear and then act from that place.

Loving Kindness Meditation

Bring to mind the image of someone who is very easy to love. This is the basis of this visualization meditation where we actively cultivate loving kindness.


Joy Meditation

Joy is a state of mind and a state of being.  We have an innate capacity for joy, but it can also be cultivated.  It is important to occasionally remind ourselves about joy, especially in times of stress.


Mindfulness of Emotions

Often, we are driven by emotion in ways we are not even aware of.  By inviting your emotional life into your awareness in meditation, already you become the observer of the emotion, rather than being overwhelmed by it. 


One-on-One Meditation Training

Based on his own research and the current research in the field, Dr. Zack Bein offers individual mindfulness meditation training for individuals seeking to learn meditation or deepen their current practice or understanding.


Concentration Meditation

This meditation uses the felt sense of breathing to build concentration.  Concentration not only creates relaxation but creates the conditions for mindfulness as well. 


Mindfulness of Mind States

Often, we aren’t aware of the effect our mind states have on our daily lives.  Mindfulness shines a line on the process of thinking itself.



The OMI Clinical Team is equipped with skilled psychologists uniquely specialized to meet your mental health needs. We are fully equipped to provide telehealth.

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