Testimonial #1

Existing Client, , New York

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For decades I have struggled with what I’ve called “wounded conditioning” around relationship. Even after years of therapy and spiritual practices I couldn’t get past my struggles with feeling safe and comfortable in connection. I would sometimes fall into painful despair. Then while on a retreat at IMS a Dharma teacher gave an explanation of Attachment Theory and a description of a new healing modality. It glowed brightly, and I moved from the darkness towards this light. Eventually the journey led to The Adult Attachment Program. The healing has been profound, and I have the deepest gratitude for what is being provided here. The guided IPF visualizations have allowed for a primordial intelligence to operate through the mind’s eye and address the “wounded conditioning” at the level the wounds were created. We can leave new loving imprints on our Psyche and work with a sort of neuroplasticity to heal. There is growing insight into areas that were once only dark and confusing. I am so grateful for finding my way to the Adult Attachment Program. I used to think that perhaps I was truly “broken” but It’s not true. I’m now connecting with others in the ways I have always longed for.

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