The Science of Relationships – Adult Attachment Theory

And How to Use that Science to Transform our Lives and Relationships

An 8-Week Online Course + Individual Attention

Instructors: Dr. Zack Bein, Psy.D. & Joshua Kelly, CPC


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Have you heard of Attachment Theory?  Whether you are involved in healing work, other therapies, recovery, teen work, you have likely recently come across Attachment Theory.  It is becoming more pervasive by the day, as we find more domains within which the attachment-based work can really succeed.  We have develop 3 “levels,” of group classes. Level I will be the intro and everyone is required to take it to get to Level II (unless you have a legitimate reason to skip Level I then let me know). 

We will be developing a strong foundation in Attachment Theory, starting with Bowlby and the other greats, and ending with neuroscience research with Alan Schore and Dan Siegal.  It is a lucky time to be in the field of attachment!  We at the Adult Attachment Program have done a meta-analysis, combining all of the education from the neuroscientists, the psychoanalysts, the behaviorists, the professors, and the original few researchers, to compile and present a coherent, well thought-out, and hopefully you will find it to be a well executed training.  If there is anything I can do to make this course more valuable to you, please DO NOT hesitate to reach out to me directly. I really value that feedback.

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  • You will gain an understanding of the seminal studies and theories of attachment
  • You will learn what informs and creates a secure parent, and thus a secure child
  • You will be able to trace the securely attached journey across a lifetime
  • You will learn about the 5 conditions that create secure attachment
  • You will also learn the insecure attachment styles — Anxious/Resistant and Anxious/Avoidant
  • You will be introduced to some popular assessments and also the Adult Attachment Interview (AAI)
  • You will learn the importance of mentalizing and have a basic understanding of the 3 pillars
  • This class is the prerequisite for Level II and students will be prepared for Level II upon completion

Get in touch

Dr. Zack Bein is located in Marina del Rey, California. He is a psychologist, meditation teacher, writer, and researcher. He founded the Adult Attachment Program in 2022, as he found that there was a gap between the science of Attachment Theory and what is being talked about in different non-academic communities. The AAP is meant to be a hub where clients and patients can get education, assessment, and treatment, all that is empirically based and led by the most current research and science.

He can be reached by email at z.bein@theadultattachmentprogram.com

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