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Three Pillars and Ideal Parent Figure (IPF) Case Consultation and Peer Supervision Group

Dr. Zack Bein, the Founder of The Adult Attachment Program, will be beginning a Case Consultation Group in Three Pillars Therapy and Ideal Parent Figure (IPF) imagery! This class is in response to the numerous calls for further investigation into the Three Pillar Model for healing attachment disturbances in adults; famously introduced in the Dan Brown and David Elliott text, “Healing Attachment Disturbances in Adults.”  This group will be open to anyone that is either actively working with clients or patients with the three pillars model and IPF, or that hopes to begin to do so.  This group will be done in a series of 5 sessions, each costing $85 and lasting 120 minutes in length. The fee for all 5 sessions in the series will be collected prior to the group commencing. The group will consist of 30 or so minutes of didactic presentation on a three pillars topic, followed by case presentations, consultation, and supervision. This is ideal for clinicians (social workers, MFTs, coaches, psychologists, psychiatrists, interns) who wish to learn about the three pillar method or refine their knowledge and skill.

Email  z.bein@theadultattachmentprogram.com or
admin@theadultattachmentprogram.com to inquire about registering for this group starting in May 2023.  You could also just fill out the form below and we can schedule a time to discuss if the group is a good match for you.

NEW Schedule

Dr. Zack has changed the format so that it is more flexible for your busy schedule.  As of now, rather than continuing with series’ of 5 groups, I’ve decided to have the group be ongoing.  The demand is quite high and the need is even higher.  So, doing it in series of 5 was limiting who i could offer this valuable tool.  And it didn’t sit right.  So, the group will now be ongoing, every other Thursday afternoon from 1pm to 3 pm pacific time.  In order to join this group, rather than paying for a series, members can elect to pay on a ‘as needed’ basis.  In other words, there will be a flat fee of $95 to join per each group you join.  And you can come as little or as often as you like.

For those of you who are committed and have the resources, you can elect to continue to purchase series’ of 5, and you’ll get a small discount for that.  So HOW. TO SIGN UP?


Easy, just reply to this email or reach out to me and let me know what best serves you of these options and if it is a good fit, I’ll be happy to have you on board!


Are you ready to transform patterns that meditation alone hasn’t shifted? Embrace a life filled with love, joy, and peace. Unlock the true benefits that meditation is meant to bring. If this resonates with you, the Integrated Meditation program could be your path forward.

This innovative program combines the evidence-based 3-Pillar Protocol with relational & nature practices for meditators. The hypothesis is that combining these tools in a Sangha context will shift your baseline to feel more love, curiosity, and peace. This shift allows for more reliable access to the joys and freedoms that meditation is designed to provide.

This program will have three main components.

  1. Co-regulation: Mutual emotional support.
  2. Metacognition: Thinking about thinking.
  3. Restructuring imprints: Changing deep-seated beliefs.

Integrated Attachment is a six-month program. It includes big group meetings and small group meetings with a teacher each month. You also get two half-hour one-on-one meetings with a teacher and three meetings with your peers. It’s a way to learn and grow together!

Dr. Zack Bein, Psy.D. will be a co-facilitator of this group.  He will present didactic seminars in large groups, small groups, and will do some of the one-on-one work.

Dr. David Elliott, Ph.D., who works closely with Dr. Zack, co-founded the evidence-based Three-pillars protocol, has endorsed this program for meditators.

As this is not therapy, and some of the faculty are not psychotherapeutically trained, we assess if this program will be a good match for you with two free self-assessment quizzes as part of the application.

For this program to be effective, we will need a small group of motivated meditators committed to attending all meetings for the six months with big group sessions, small group sessions, peer group meetings, and one-on-one sessions with a teacher. Your feedback will be an integral component of our curriculum development. The application is at the bottom of this page.

Date: October 13, 2023 – November 15, 2023, January 10, 2024 – April 19, 2024

Cost: Sliding scale based on your income/assets and ability to give is from $800 – $2400 for the program

Location: Virtual on Zoom

This group requires an application, so click here to begin the application process.

Listen to Amma talk about how attachment repair was crucial in overcoming her negative core beliefs, and learn a little about the upcoming 6-month intensive