3 Pillars Case Conceptualization and Supervision Masterclass

Dr. Zack Bein, the Founder of The Adult Attachment Program, will begin his own case consultation group! This group will be open to anyone that is either actively working with clients or patients with the three pillars model and IPF, or that hopes to begin to do so.  This group will be done in a series of 5 sessions, each costing $85 and lasting 90 minutes in length. The fee for all 5 sessions in the series will be collected prior to the group commencing. The group will consist of 30 or so minutes of didactic presentation on a three pillars topic, followed by case presentations, consultation, and supervision. This is ideal for clinicians (social workers, MFTs, coaches, psychologists, psychiatrists, interns) who wish to learn about the three pillar method or refine their knowledge and skill.

Email  z.bein@theadultattachmentprogram.com or 
admin@theadultattachmentprogram.com to inquire about registering for this group starting in May 2023.  You could also just fill out the form below and we can schedule a time to discuss if the group is a good match for you.

Dr. Zack Bein

Zack began his journey through Adult Attachment Theory after her graduated from his doctoral program in Psychology.  He was exposed to Dan Brown, PhD, the co-creator of the treatment, and began to study closely with Dan for several years.  He was a staple in Dan’s “Masterclass” for years before Dan sadly passed.  Subsequent to that, Zack began to work closely with Harvard Psychologist David Elliott, Ph.D.  Zack has been involved in a consultation and supervision group with David for the past 2 years.  Additionally, he designed a Level I intro to adult attachment theory on Udemy.com which, as of today, 140 students have taken and completed.  He presents regularly to treatment centers, inpatients, and training facilities on the Three Pillar model of healing attachment disturbances in adults.  Zack is also the sole author of an upcoming chapter in “Clinical Applications of the Adult Attachment Interview (AAI)” where he details how to use the findings of the patient’s AAI to directly inform the 3 pillar work.  David Eliott, the co-creator of 3 pillars and Ideal Parent Figure (IPF) work, has given Zack permission to run a case consultation group and train others in the three pillars.

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