“I help adults systematically transform their attachment patterns so that they can feel deeply loved and effortlessly confident in being their most authentic self.”

Joshua Kelly is part of our clinical staff. He is a certified professional life coach and group facilitator.

Joshua Kelly is an attachment repair coach using the Ideal Parent Figures (IPF) methodology for comprehensive attachment repair.  He was trained and certified to guide IPF by Dr. Zack Bein, who studied with IPF creators Daniel P. Brown and David Elliot. He continues to be supervised by Dr. Bein while he practices with clients. Josh is also a research assistant studying the transmission of shame in early childhood attachment with Dr. Carol George, co-creator of both the AAI and AAP adult attachment assessments.

He has extensive meditation experience, including retreats with a number of teachers in the Spirit Rock lineage, the Burmese lineage of U. Pandita Sayadaw, and a 2-month silent retreat at Dharma Treasure in Arizona. He now practices as a student of Dustin DiPerna in the Tibetan Rimé lineage which IPF co-creator Daniel P. Brown brought to the west.

He holds a BS in Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco and a certification as a Professional Life Coach from an ICF-accredited institution. He has also completed two nine-month trainings in Circling facilitation, a group relational meditation practice and facilitates Circles regularly at the Alembic Meditation Center in Berkeley, CA.

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Josh’s Pricing

My fee is $150/session and I recommend most people start with weekly sessions, although sessions twice weekly and every other week are available as well. Please get in touch with me to book a free introductory call if you’d like to talk about working together. I would be honored to collaborate with you in repairing your attachment.


(650) 880-2052

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