Developing Balanced Sensitivity

An 8-Week Online Course

Instructor: Dr. Zack Bein, founder of The Adult Attachment Program


Especially during these times of war, inflation, mass hatred and greed, it is imperative that we achieve inner-balance while also not turning away from the suffering of the world. This course teaches that balanced sensitivity — a term I have coined to describe that dynamic process of achieving balance within, while remaining sensitive to the suffering around us.

As Thich Nhat Hahn said, when the Vietnamese refugees were crowding onto small boats, fleeing for their lives, if everyone was panicked, the boat was doomed to sink. But if only one person could achieve balance, it would be enough to keep all of the other members calm and safe.

This class will teach you how to be that one person that remains calm within the chaos; how to be sensitive to your own needs and the needs of others.

We will be using a meditative approach for this class. As modern Neuroscience says, meditation raises the “window of tolerance” of what the mind can tolerate before going into overwhelm or some compensatory behavior. A particular type of meditation is very good for this, and you will have the opportunity to learn, practice, and integrate the Four Foundations of mindfulness.

What about sensitivity? Why would I want to be sensitive, you might be asking. It’s much easier to just not feel. Ignorance is bliss. Right? Maybe. So if you want to be blind to the conditions of the world but “happy,” then don’t take this class. If you want to be acutely aware of your own experience, moment by moment, aware of body, mind, and emotion, so that you have the space and awareness to make the skillful decision, then take this class!

In order to develop balance, we will be doing the four foundations and concentration and insight practices. In order to refine our sensitivity we will be doing the “divine abodes” or brahmaviharas, which I call Cultivating Healthy Emotion.


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Dr. Zack Bein is located in Marina del Rey, California. He is a psychologist, meditation teacher, writer, and researcher. He founded the Adult Attachment Program in 2022, as he found that there was a gap between the science of Attachment Theory and what is being talked about in different non-academic communities. The AAP is meant to be a hub where clients and patients can get education, assessment, and treatment, all that is empirically based and led by the most current research and science.

He can be reached by email at z.bein@theadultattachmentprogram.com


Developing Balanced Sensitivity

The Adult Attachment Program – Level I Training

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