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I trained with Dr Bein in the Ideal Parent Figure Protocol and found the experience quite edifying. Besides being genuinely supportive with real warmth and personal care, Dr Bein is expert in this modality, providing tips, practice sessions, and advice that only comes from years of experience. This information and training is hard to find and immensely valuable, both as an experience and education.
As a trauma specialist often working in the areas of CPTSD and attachment traumas, I was thrilled to find Dr. Zack as both a therapist and trainer in Three Pillars therapy and the Ideal Parent Figure (IPF) protocol.  Zack offers detailed and knowledgeable discussion of attachment theory, screening methods and the skillful delivery of the IPF protocol.  His teachings are clear and delivered in a grounded and present manner.  I highly recommend him as a therapist, supervisor and trainer.
"I have been working with Josh at The Adult Attachment Program using the IPF Protocol for 10 months. I was able to identify and make incredible progress in my attachment issues and have seen nothing short of profound results. I cannot recommend IPF via The Adult Attachment Program enough. Josh is an excellent coach who seems to effortlessly guide our sessions. I end every one of them with new insight and lasting positive impression. My life is immeasurably more positive and my gratitude is boundless."
I have been working with Zack for about 4 months now and have seen an incredible change in myself - a huge reduction in stress and anxiety, more energy, and significantly more day to day happiness and desire to go after and achieve my goals. The method we have been using has been the only thing that has succeeded in shifting my mental state in this way - despite having tried several therapies before. I really believe that I've found an answer here to what I was looking for previously. Thanks so much Zack!
Excellent therapy. Zack has a deep understanding of attachment dynamics and has applied his method to stimulate profound experiences of healing in me. I find him genuine, warm and empathic.
I am a long time participant in counseling, I have even tried EMDR in the past…but this approach has been life changing for me. Granted you get back what you put in, as with really any type. BUT Zack and team are really great and knowledgeable. I wish I found this sooner.
Zack is a kind, attuned, empathic therapist. I've been working with him using Ideal Parent Figure protocol for a few years now, and it has changed my life for the better, more so than any other modality/system I've used. Zack has a very unique skillset, due to his IPF training, attachment theory expertise, and meditation background. Highly recommend.
"I am so grateful to Dr. Bein and the three pillars practice. This practice has proven transformative in my relationship to myself and others. I cannot recommend The Adult Attachment Program enough. If we repair our attachment wounds, we could alleviate so much suffering in the world."
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