Patterns of Relationship Course Registration
January 22 - April 2

Patterns of Relationship - Adult Attachment Theory

Sign up for our Level I Course. This group is suitable for clinicians and non-clinicians. While it is evidence-based and rooted in current Psych research, we made efforts to make this material accessible to anyone who feels they can benefit from more coherence about their relationship patterns, better self-development, and improved collaborative abilities.
$ 250
  • Six Meetings Consisting of Two Hours Each
  • Each Meeting will be Held on Zoom
  • You'll have the Option of Meeting with a Group Leader
  • You Will be Automatically Billed $250 Upon Registration, and then on the 1st of the Following 2 Months for a Total of $750
  • Click on the Link Below to Register, or Feel Free to Ask Any Questions about the group to admin@theadultattachmentprogram.com
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